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The Man

Welcome, my name is Alexander Sennuga. I had lived a life of utter negligence when it comes to health checks until I was afflicted with Type 2 diabetes which almost took my life. My miraculous survival then served as a warning sign for me and it enabled me to want to tell the story anytime the opportunity arises.

Uncommon Diabetes Experience and Victory.

I am fortunate enough to be one of the people on earth to beat diabetes. Precisely on 05 January, 2015, I was diagnosed with late start type 1 diabetes and the level had gone over the roof.  Imagine my measured result of 43.0 mmol/L compared to normal glucose level of <7.0 mmol/L.  Even people whose sugar level goes above 20.0 mmol/L could slump and die.
I had to be on emergency hospital admission and under aggressive care with insulin drips to drive it down.

I was under insulin injection for weeks but at the same time I focused on my diets as recommended by the nutritionist. Perhaps by intuition,  the favourable results I got subsequently forced me to reduce insulin level gradually – on my own -until I completely stopped injecting insulin!

Incredibly since 24 February 2015, I have not had cause to take even a unit of insulin – life style and diet adjustment was the magic!

Diabetes specialist doctors and nurses were amazed at my sugar level results obtained for months. But I had to explain to them that I had to act according to the results I got and not just to continue injecting insulin and then continue to experience low sugar level(Hypoglycemia).

Passionate To Share My Experience

I have since been passionate about all health issues in particular those concerning diabetes and how diet control could reduce or reverse the disease. And I am setting out to offer help and share my experience with the world.

Again, welcome to my blog!