About Alexander Sennuga

The Man

Alex Sennuga

Welcome, my name is Alexander Sennuga.

Up until January 2015, I was living a life of utter negligence when it comes to a medical check-up.

As they say, little things – if not corrected – become big things, always. This wise saying applied to me.

Uncommon Diabetes Experience and Victory.

How it started

I noticed some changes in my health conditions. I was experiencing frequent urination, loss of body weight and excessive thirst.

Out of sheer ignorance, I did not know that these were clear signs of diabetes. By the time I finally saw a doctor, my blood sugar level had crossed the roof – 43.0 mmol/L. The normal level is 5.0 – 6.0 mmol/L

It almost took my life. In short, it was the aggressive and urgent attention at the emergency hospital that saved me.

The Victory: I have beaten Diabetes!

 Since 24 February 2015 till date, I have not had cause to take even any form medication. Focused lifestyle and diet changes were the magic!
Diabetes specialist doctors and nurses are still impressed at my current sugar level results.
My explanations to them are simple. I have the blood sugar meter and I am guided only by the results I get from it.
Why should I get the desired blood sugar result from the meter and still go ahead to apply medication?
This is how I have succeeded in abandoning medical prescription and having my health back.
 Passionate To Share My Experience
I have since been passionate about all health issues in particular about diabetes.
I am keen to study and have well-researched knowledge about the best natural ways to reverse diabetes.
I set out to offer help by sharing my knowledge and experience with the world.
Again, welcome to my blog!