7 Helpful Tips To Avoid or Reverse Diabetes

It is a fact that Diabetes disease is spreading worldwide. It will therefore be of help to share 7 helpful tips to avoid or reverse diabetes.

Every diabetic would prefer other alternatives to the use of medications.

I have been lucky enough to overcome diabetes through this option after an encounter. Indeed I was able to abandon medical prescriptions finally.

Nowadays, there are many indications through intensive medical research that diabetes is avoidable. It is also reversible and there are testimonies to prove that. I describe and recommend below simple but powerful ways to achieve these two goals:

Tips To Avoid or Reverse Diabetes

Tip #1: Normalise Your Leptin Sensitivity

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Leptin insensitivity, the body’s resistance to the brain’s control of amount of adequate food, can cause health problems. This resistance we call food craving and usually leads to obesity, putting a person at diabetes risk.

 Tip #2:  Normalise Your Body Weight

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Diabetes will never become an incurable disease again! Evidence from various studies reveals that overcoming overweight can actually reduce the risk of diabetes and even reverse the disease.

Tip #3:  Normalise Your Insulin Sensitivity

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Insulin is responsible for sending the glucose in the foods we eat to the body cells. If insulin is unable to do so, it is called insulin resistance. Appropriate remedial steps need to be taken for the body to regain insulin sensitivity otherwise it can lead to high blood sugar – diabetes.

Tip #4:  Exercise Is Worth The Effort

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Setting a goal of healthy body weight has many health benefits including low risk of diabetes . Medical personnel frequently tell diabetes patients to regularly engage in physical exercise in various ways. This is part of the efforts to self-manage their condition. Physical exercise works.

Tip #5:  Eat Carbs Last During Meals

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One of the tips to avoid or reverse diabetes is what we do at the dining table. Blood sugar spikes will always occur after a meal. Blood sugar spikes will always occur after a meal. There is now a scientific evidence that can guide us about the order of choosing what we eat during a meal. It shows that if we start with protein, fat or fiber and lastly carbohydrates, there will be much reduction in the after-meal blood sugar spikes.

Tip #6:  Eat to Your Meter

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We should use the result of the blood sugar meter when making food choices. One good thing is that there are tools to enable us do this. One way to go about it is to check our blood sugar 2 hours after eating. The result obtained will reveal the effects of the meal on blood glucose. We can even seek the support of the doctor or dietitian in interpreting the result. Advice from them will also help to make necessary adjustments to food we eat.

Tip #7:  Eat High Magnesium Foods

Recent studies have shown that foods rich in magnesium can help lower the risk of diabetes. Some of such foods are nuts, dark chocolate, avocado and fatty fish. Insufficient magnesium in the body system can cause insulin resistance leading to diabetes.

That’s it!

We have shared 7 Helpful Tips To Avoid or Reverse Diabetes.

High blood sugar is not beyond human control. With proper lifestyle and diet, we can achieve the desired blood glucose level.

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