Signs of Diabetes in Women

In order to fully and effectively discuss signs and symptoms of diabetes, the signs of diabetes in women should be given a separate attention. Fortunately, the signs are the same regardless of the geographical origin of the woman, be it, for example, American or African.


Signs of diabetes in women awareness is crucial to every woman. Any woman who is just aware of the general signs or symptoms of diabetes may not be helping herself enough. In fact there is a gap in her health awareness goals to fill.

She is better off if, in addition to the general signs, she is fully aware of those symptoms that are peculiar to women. Indeed a proper knowledge of signs of diabetes in women would place her in a position to react appropriately against impending diabetes.

The 4 distinct Signs of Diabetes in Women:

Vaginal and Oral infections


High glucose level in women can cause fungal infection called Candida albicans which forms a near-white coatings on the tongue as oral thrush.

Vaginal infection(1, 2) is the other type of Candida albicans as a form of  signs of diabetes in women and shows itself in an isolated case or combined forms of the following around the woman vagina: soreness, itching, pain when having sex, or vagina discharge.

Unitary Tract Infections(UTI)


One of the signs of diabetes in women is urinary tract infection(UTI)(1, 3) in which the woman starts noticing pains or burning sensation and cloudy urine when urinating. This is the result of bacteria gaining entry into the urinary tract, unrestricted, where it grows and cause infection.

Reduced Sexual Drive


One of the common signs of diabetes in women is the reduction in sexual urge(sexual dysfunction) arising from what is known in medical terms as diabetic neuropathy(4, 5,6). Here the body nerve fibres are impaired by high blood glucose level such that communication between the brain and the body is adversely affected. The female vagina is a site of nerve network, hence when the nerve is damaged, the woman experiences dry vagina and reduced sexual urge if any.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS)


Polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS) is one form of imbalance(1, 2) of female hormones and it shows in the following ways: irregular female period, added weight, acne and even depression. These hormonal disorders lead to high blood sugar level. This particular disorder can also lead to  female infertility if not treated early enough before it gets out of hand.

Evidently from the above signs described above, the hormonal imbalance consequences, as they affect women are different from the situations with men. Thus it is imperative that every woman should be adequately aware of these signs, which may signal an impending diabetes.

It is strongly advised that once any of them is noticed, immediate contact with the doctor should be the appropriate step to take. The war against diabetes should start with enough awareness of the signs and if the impending attack is prevented, the onset of the disease can be avoided.

Please if you know of any other signs of diabetes in women not included in this post, it would be well appreciated if shared in the comment section.